Gil Gatch Announces Campaign for House District 94

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Gil Gatch announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the South Carolina House of Representatives District 94.

Gatch, an attorney, was until last week a law clerk in the First Judicial Circuit of South Carolina. He left that position to run for the State House.

“Whether as a pastor or now in law, I have been fueled by a desire for service. I see this position as a way to extend that service deeper into the community. That deeply held commitment to service has been a core value my entire life that was instilled into me by my parents,” Gatch said.

Gatch wants to focus his efforts in making the State House and state government a more transparent and accountable institution, but most of all, he wants to ensure Summerville has attentive leadership that listens to what Summerville residents want and need.

“I know that I don’t have all the answers. But, my experiences in life have taught me to listen and to be responsive, which I believe are two of the most important traits one can have in representing the people. I want to take your message to Columbia and create smart solutions to the issues facing our community, particularly involving the issues I have already heard the most about: traffic, equitable education funding, and the need for a more transparent state government,” Gatch said.

Prior to serving as a law clerk in the First Judicial Circuit, Gatch served as a law clerk to several large Charleston law firms and was an intern for a federal judge – all while attending law school at Georgetown Law School in Washington D.C., where he graduated in 2019.

Before law school, Gatch was a pastor for seven years. He has an undergraduate degree from the Southern Evangelical Seminary and is a graduate of Summerville High School.

While at Georgetown Law School, Gil was a fellow at the Georgetown Center for the Constitution and an intern for the Heritage Foundation.

Gil and his wife Heather reside on South Laurel Street in downtown Summerville.

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